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Spending Quality Time with Gay Male Escorts

Spending Quality Time with Gay Male Escorts

My boyfriend and I decided to have a vacation. It was one that we have dreamed and talked about for almost every day for the two years we have been together. By the way, it is important to have a vacation in your lifetime – a quality vacation. We pulled our finances together and started making preparations for the trip. We signed up with a travel agency and the preparation was free of hassle. For a number of reasons, I think the trip has been predestined by fate because everything worked in our favor. First, we got to the airport on the day of our departure – we chose to visit one of the Caribbean countries – and one thing led to another and the next thing we heard was that our flight has been upgraded from economy to first class. We hugged each other and screamed at the top of our voice – who wouldn’t want to fly the first class.

When we arrived at the airport, a male figure appeared and took us to the hotel we were supposed to lodge for the two weeks we were to spend in the country. We thanked him and he gave us his number and told us not to hesitate to call him anytime we were in need of assistance. There is always a kind of tingling sensation you get when you are in a strange land for the first time. It can be numbing or scary if you are alone. Since we had each other, we were able to fight it with mind-blowing sex (let me not tempt you with the details). The next day we were off to the park and it was a pleasant coincidence to notice that a carnival was underway. It was not part of our plan but how lucky we were part of it. It was a very popular carnival that had participants from neighboring cities and distant countries. What I enjoyed most about the carnival was the flamboyant display of cultures; clothes, food, dance, just name it. Everything was on display.

There came a parade of girls wearing peacock attires on their head. It was obvious some of them were not wearing any clothes but their bodies were heavily tattooed that you will miss this detail with a casual look. I touched a guy beside me and he explained to me that the ones without clothes were female escorts. Followed behind was another group – all men this time. They had a unique dressing of pants, bare body with a tie around their neck. “And these ones?” I asked the guy beside me. “Some of them are gay male escorts. Like I know a few of them personally”. I turned the other way and relayed the information I had acquired to my boyfriend. He was just as thrilled as I was. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us, to be part of this celebration because I don’t know when else we would be able to raise another money for a vacation.

In the coming weeks, we had ample fun, visiting night clubs, museums, zoo, cinemas, just name it. a few days to our departure, we visited the beach. I would vow that this is the most memorable day of my life till date. Different activities were happening at the beach and we came across a group by the volleyball court. We greeted them and they invited us to come and play with them. They couple said they have been looking for another couple to join them to play against the four gay male escorts who have been dominating the scene. I always love the smell of challenge so I quickly convinced my boyfriend so we could play. His worry was that we had never played the game before and could ruin the chances of the other couples. I didn’t see it that way. My intention was just to have fun and I never cared about winning or losing.

Surprisingly, we got back into the game after the gay male escorts were leading with a large margin. My boyfriend and I learned very fast and were able to bring the game to a draw. We were proud of ourselves. As we boarded the plane back home, we were already thinking of saving up for another vacation.

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