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Hiring an Escort Girl in Chelsea: Places to Go

Hiring an Escort Girl in Chelsea

Once you have hired the girl of your dreams and you are wondering about the best local places to take her, or to be seen with her, then you need look no further than some of these gems:

The Chelsea Psychic Garden

What Is It? It is a botanical garden and easily one of London’s oldest. There is an enchantment to the gardens that make this peaceful, romantic and full of botany that will trigger talking points as you wander around. You will learn about how plants were exchanged during the times of the British Empire and stop off for a classy and succulent lunch at the Tangerine Café within the grounds.
The Chelsea Psychic Garden is located on the Royal Hospital Road in SW3 and is a romantic setting for loving couples, escorts and partners alike.

The Kings Road

Walking hand in hand with an escort girl up the Kings Road is about as classy and romantic as it gets in Chelsea. There are many boutiques, cafes, bars and places to browse and all within a two-mile stretch through Kensington and Chelsea culminating in Sloane Square at one end.
The road borders with other prosperous area in London’s west such as Knightsbridge and Belgravia. The Kings Road is known as one of the more eponymous London roads and is dripping in culture and history. There is no shortage of things to do and places to go on the Kings Road with your escort girl. You may wish to stop off for lunch and refreshments at the Saatchi Gallery.
Entry into the Saatchi Gallery is free – as is most admissions to London’s museums – and the artwork on display within will make for an excellent talking point with your escort girl once inside. You can view modern art from contemporary artists from Russia, Latin America and Africa with the works so unusual there will never be a shortage of things to peruse over and discuss with the girl of your dreams.

Jazz and Heated Gardens? Ideal Hot Spots for You and Your Escort

Pizza Express in the Kings Road may not sound classy but when we tell you that you can listen to jazz music, eat outside in a heated garden and sit among some of the most plush surroundings you’ll ever encounter in London, then we think this place is well worth a shot!

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