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How to Become a Male Escort: A Short Guideline

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You will be surprised to learn that many men out there want to learn how to become a male escort. While there is no hard and fast rule on how one becomes a male escort, there are male escorts who are not afraid of the competition and give tips to anyone wanting to enter this exciting world.

What Male Escort Service is Not?

Many men have the misconception that to be a male escort, a man needs to be Adonis’ twin or at least look like Benedict Cumberbatch (aka Sherlock Holmes)! However, this is not true. You don’t have to be the tall and handsome kind of a man, though that can be added bonus. Also, you don’t need a big member. Remember it is not that size that matters; it’s how you use it!

What You Need

If you are still keen on learning how to become a male escort, here are a few tips that can help you:

Project Masculine Energy: The raw masculine energy that you ooze will attract women from far and wide, and they will have no qualms about paying you to spend time with them in and out of bed.

Understand Psychology: Male escort is not about sleeping with as many women as you like and get paid for it. It is a delicate job that requires you to understand the feminine psychology. Remember, a male escort helps to empower women and gives them control over their own sexual lives and needs. Once you understand this, you will be ready to mould yourself to suit any woman you meet.

Be Empathetic: It is important that you learn to empathise with your clients. Many women are scarred and have had terrible life experiences while others are too embarrassed. Whatever maybe the case, you need to be understanding, sympathetic and supportive.

Be Patient: Your job as a male escort is to ensure your clients are satisfied at the end. So, you need to put their needs over everything else. You need to cultivate patience and so that you can gently guide your clients to realise their full potential.

Be Knowledgeable: You should make it a point to be well-versed in the latest trends, current affairs and general knowledge. Most women who hire male escorts are well-educated and successful in their own fields. You should be able to stimulate them intellectually. Women find such men extremely attractive!

Market Yourself: This perhaps is the most important part of learning how to become a male escort. You need to be able to market yourself in a tasteful and pleasant manner so that women are drawn to you like magnet. It is a good idea to register at a premier male escort agency so that you can get the necessary exposure. Also, a reputable male escort agency will help allay your fears and answer your doubts so that you can turn into a fun and highly sought-after male escort.

The Bottom Line

Male escorts come all shapes and sizes. The market is vast and there is no need to feel threatened. If you are still want to know more details on how to become a male escort, contact Gentlemen4Hire, UK’s premier male escort agency. The agency will help and guide you on how you enter the world of male escort services.

I used to think that to be a gigolo or a male escort one had to be tall and handsome with a huge ‘package’. Not true. I have average looks, an average body, and a small ‘package’.
What women are attracted to is something else totally.
To be a successful gigolo you need to learn the 3 most important things :

  1. How to project masculine energy
  2. How to satisfy a woman
  3. How to market yourself (or specifically, how to avoid the 12 most common mistakes guys make while offering their services)

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